Wednesday, April 15, 2009

8:18 PM





ELLIE approaches ZAK, looking hopeful. ALEX accompanies them.


E: "Are you gonna do the musical with me this year?"

Z: "Oh, I don't know. Last year, I didn't do so well. It kinda sucked. I think I'll sit this one out."

A: "But you have to! I'm trying out in a little bit!"

Z: [very quickly] "Well-I-guess-I-could-give-it-a-shot!"

ELLIE glares.



E: "You'll choke now."

A: "You'll do great!"


ZAK smiles at ALEX, it fades when he sees ELLIE.


PAIGE (Corrine Ashley), the popular girl is in the theatre with ZAK, ELLIE, ALEX, and RACHEL. EDDIE is one of the few in the audience.


We have cut- to one of the girls finishing her audition song.


PAIGE: "Ugh! That was terrible! C'mon! You make my ears want to bleed! Christ! Get off the stage, you beached whale!"

[UNNAMED DRAMA GIRL runs from auditorium, crying]


DRAMA LEADER: "Oh, dea-- [calling after girl] Good try, darling! Try back next year!"


DRAMA LEADER looks at clipboard. She is shocked and confused at what she sees, which is:

DRAMA LEADER: "Okay, okay…Paige?"
PAIGE : "Yes?"

DL: "I see you've, ah. You've signed up for…ALL of the parts."
PAIGE: [angelic] "Yes…" [award-winning smile]

DL: [bewildered] "…Why?"

PAIGE: "Uh, I'm the best! Duh!" [she moves off]

DL:  [sighs] "Okay. Um. This next one is for the lead role of Enid Garth, main character. Paige, you will sing for the role after the other actress… Rachel French!"

PAIGE: [snorts] "You serious?!  Her?! Ha?!"


EDDIE looks angry.



Z: "Bitch."

E: "Bitch."

A: "Bitch."


DL: "Paige, you will sing after Rachel. Rachel, if you are ready, please begin."


RACHEL does not move for a very long time. Quickly CUT to/from EDDIE ("Kick 'er ass!")




The group walks out of the theatre. CAM enters theatre immediately after following them out. PAIGE is sitting in the light room, watching the empty stage. Bored. The sound of feet on metal comes from above her. Hesitantly, she gets out of the chair. Leaving the light room, she tries the doors leading to the outside of the theatre (steps by Tix Booth). Locked. She looks back in the light room, looking. She takes a deep breath. Silence. One step above. She darts under the desk. As she watches, SAM descends the ladder from the catwalk into the light room!


S: [sing-song voice] "Come here, dear…I can change… [breathilyI] Your life."

PAIGE: "Get away from me!"

She runs out from under the desk and out of the light room. She bangs on the doors, nothing. ("Shit!") She runs into the theatre, tries the nearest set of doors. Locked. She darts to the stage, climbing through the curtains. ("Get away from me!") Every time she turns, SAM is at the end of the walkway made of curtain. She tries hiding in the seats. It works for a minute. Found, screaming, she runs to the back door nearest to the scene shop. This is also locked. The one leading to the pit area is not. The door after that leading outside…is locked. Paige, in a frantic adrenaline-driven rush, practically throws herself down the stairs to the orchestra pit. She hides in the dark for a few seconds. All is quiet. She pulls out her phone.


PAIGE closes the phone as the door opens. A shadow emerges. The door shuts. She holds her breath. The door opens and shuts again. Paige breathes again. She opens the phone and the light shows ONLY her face. The camera pulls back. Suddenly, the lights snap on as SAM is mid-lunge.

The camera quickly pans to the beautiful white banner displaying:




The banner is now spattered with PAIGE's blood.

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