Museum Visit / Just Barely

Saturday, May 30, 2009

5:32 PM

Early Morning (5-6 am?)

Zak calls Eddie, saying that he thinks there is a journal disguised somewhere in the Museum of Science & Industry.

They agree to meet there, and Zak drives Ellie there. When Zak gets out, Ellie takes the wheel and drives away.

Eddie is waiting on the steps. They speak of entering through the door, but decide it's too risky. They go around the side of the building and go through a side door. These halls [prop room/loft] lead to a heavily mechanized area with a strange, open, earthy section.

According to the program, the museum was built there specifically for the site. Apparently, there was an unfinished excavation there. Digging is to resume 2010. Until then, the area is taped off, preserving the surface.


They rip a tarp off the dirt area…and then…

Z: *gulp* You ready?

D: "…Let's do this."


They find tools and start to dig. Moments later, Zak notices a security camera. They try to keep their heads low and work slowly.


They try turning out the lights, but in seconds, security guards are coming up the stairs.

The camera pans from the guard, who turns on the light, and pan back to an empty area.

Security walks under the steel "X" formation of I-beams.

Above the guard, Zak and Eddie are hiding on the structure. Eddie has a journal tucked into his belt.

Security exits the room. Eddie jumps down and lands gracefully. We hear a slipping noise, and Zak falls to the ground.


Getting up, he mumbles, "Ugh. I'm gonna need to work on that."


Security runs back to the door frame. Camera pans out to show the boys in the dark, on either side of the door. When the security guard enters the room, Zak & Eddie slip out behind them.


In another location, a female hand with multiple colored bracelets pulls the FIRE ALARM. Security rushes away, and the boys make their escape.


When they get out, Ellie is in the car, waiting. Zak and Eddie jump into the back of the car.


D: "Thank God someone tripped the alarm… Heheheh."

E: [under her breath] "No problem."

Z: "What?"

E: "Nothing, no-never mind."


ELLIE shakes her head and puts her hands on the wheel. She is wearing multiple colored bracelets. (She pulled the alarm.)

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