Compiling/Wish We Had A GPS

Saturday, May 30, 2009

6:04 PM

They drive back to Eddie's house.

ELLIE has the other journals in her bag.

They put all the journals on the table in order.

As they leaf through them, they see that there is an occasional page torn out, or sections of pages missing.


Rachel and Alex are in Alex's room, on a laptop.

Rachel types codes in and stuff, and send information into a handheld GPS-like device.

Alex calls Ellie when it's done, and that they have a GPS ready to get them to the old cemetery. AND that it's more out-of-town than they guessed. A good ________ miles. (In South Illinois)


Everyone get's in Ellie's car.


As they are driving, they pass a power plant, and the GPS goes haywire.


R: "Shit."

E: "Damn it, should I pull over?"

Z: "Mm…Ugh…No. Keep driving."


It is a long drive, and they are all very bored. To calm themselves, they take turns driving. Slowly, eventually…after the events of the previous "chapters", their phones die out. Alex had left hers at home by accident.


They eventually reach the cemetery late afternoon.      (about 4p)



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