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Graveyard Shift

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

8:19 PM

Zak, Eddie, Ellie, & Rachel enter the CEMETERY


Z: "Ellie, you sure this is it?"

E: "Yeah, I'm absolutely POSITIVE!

[reading off a folded piece of paper from back pocket]

"Yeah, see? Rivermoore Mercy Cemetery! [indicates sign] We're here."

D: "Now we just have to find Abyl's Tomb…" [steps forward]




Group walking through cemetery. They split up. Eerie music montage of individuals of group dusting of headstones, checking names, moving trees, etc. Clips start in SLO-MO, but SPEED UP at end. Soon, they are fast and cut abruptly through each other and we seem to FLY through them, until we see RACHEL uncover a tombstone that starts fast and abruptly slows as her hand passes over it, exposing the name "Vompod".


R: [to Eddie, nearby] "Eddie! C'mere!"

[pulls out her cell phone and calls Zak] "Zak…I, I think I found something. 22A - BlockC."


Z: "Ellie, let's go! Rachel found something!"


Rachel looks down at headstones, CAM sawWHIPS to show these markings:

Elizabeth Vompod
Mother, Wife. Friend.

Vance Vompod
Father. Husband.

Abyl Vompod
~~~~ [illegible]


Buried in Abyl's plot was a slate with words burned into it. They are DIRECTIONS.


They figure out the directions and follow them. In the back of the cemetery they find a large mausoleum.


Z: "This is it."

E: "This is Abyl's Tomb."
R: "Oh… [disappointed] I expected something more--

D: [cutting in] "Impressive? Yeah, me too."

E: "Now we just have to get the journal and we can be on our way."


VOICE (Sam): "Not….likely…."   [steps out from behind tomb] "Surprise."


Z: [CAM in to face] "Shit."

S: "Looking for...this?" [holds up JOURNAL]

E: [stepping forward] "Give it to us, Sam. You're being the bad guy. Look at Eddie and Zak. THEY are the good guys."

S: [steps forward as well] "Is THAT what you think? Hahaha. Well…

Good guys, bad guys; heroes…anti-heroes….the sides aren't split the same way as they were before the infection spread. Those infected by my blood, which carries Abyl's Disease, are changed. Forever. They are no longer the good guys. They become bloodthirsty killing machines. No morality….no…light. Just pure…darkness.  [inhales through nose, head back] Ah… Eddie. You've joined us."

D: "Don't talk to me. Not a word."

S: [walks over and puts his arms around Zak & Eddie, they resist, but Sam obviously holds them TIGHT]

"Oh, come now. We're all friends here!  Zak. We've never seen eye to eye, but…this is a time to change! We have better lives ahead of us! But…I can't let you have the journal. One day, when you two…kill each other [shoves Z/D together], I will restore myself to fit in with the humans, and I will be the one and only leading power of the Earth!"


In unison, to Sam:  

D: "We want the cure, too."

Z: "You sick bastard."


ZAK kicks SAM in the stomach and knocks him off is feet. EDDIE scrambles away and ZAK rolls up from the ground.  As the guys fight, the girls hide behind the mausoleum.


E: "It really sucks that we can't do anything to--

[they both SHRIEK as SAM hits the wall next to them] "--help."

R: "Well, [lifting a large rock] let's start with this!"

[Rachel swings the ROCK down on Sam's head, and they hide around the next corner.]

E: [stares at RACHEL for a second] "…Nice."


The fight is brutal, they are thrown over headstones, into monuments, and finally:
As Eddie stands to face him, Zak makes him look the other way (Z: "Hey, Sam!")
Sam turns, Eddie runs at him, and Sam turns again to knock Eddie over.
Sam stops abruptly and falls to the ground.


D: "Dude, what'd you do?!"

Z: "Nothi…I didn't do anything!"

[They see a large ROCK next to Sam's head.]


E: [coughs, Zak and Eddie turn to face them.] "You're welcome guys!"

Ellie and Rachel step out from behind monument.

Zak & Eddie look at each other, sigh, looking back at Ellie.


Z: "I'll take THAT!" [Zak pulls notebook from Sam's grasp]


And of course, in the cliché horror movie fashion of the killer coming back AGAIN, Sam wakes up and grabs Zak's ankle as he leaves, bringing him down. Rachel steps up and axe-kicks him in the groin. Sam whimpers and faints. They leave.

Floating Orbs
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