Ellie announces her arrival. Nobody seems to be home. She goes up to Zak's room. He is asleep in bed. Ellie leans forwards as Zak starts, scaring them both.

                        E: "I'm sorry! Oh, I'm so sorry! I was just trying to make sure you were okay…"

Z: "S'alright." [groggy, rubbing eyes]

 They converse. Ellie pulls out her notebooks and textbooks. Vampires? They start more research.

 Zak finds something on the computer. He calls Ellie over.


Z: [reading article] "Look, Abyl kept his journals at the Angel on the River Hospital where they tried to treat him. And get this… A huge fire destroyed the wing of the hospital he was in. It was closed down…and remodeled into… Oh. Oh, damn."

E: "What?"

Z: "Well, here's the kicker…the hospital was remodeled into a school." [he pauses and looks up] "Our school."

Floating Orbs
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