Slumber Party

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

8:16 PM

RACHEL and ALEX spend the night at ELLIE's house. The girls are all in their PAJAMAS in ELLIE's room. Very girly theme. [music] The girls are playing some weird board game. ELLIE's bedroom door is OPEN.

They hear a slam and steps up the stairs. ZAK is ascending the stairway to his room.


E: "Hey, Zak!" [happily]

Z: "Ugh." [goes into room and slams door.]


ELLIE gets up, awkwardly, and shuts the door.


R: "You didn't invite us here for shits and grins, El."

Alex stops, staring, with a piece of candy halfway to her mouth.
Ellie looks down, guilty.

E: "How did you know?"

R: "Well, given what's been happening lately..."

RACHEL is practically cut off by ZAK's muffled screams.

"--and that.  Is he okay?"

A: [getting up] "I'll go check on him."

E: "No!" [jumping up, blocking doorway.]

ALEX and RACHEL give her a strange look.

"I mean… You can't go in there right now."

A: "What, is ZAK gonna attack me because he doesn't feel good?"

R: "Really! He's better than that, Ellie! Jeez!"

E: [angrily/defensively] "Would Eddie nearly attack ME?!"
R: "………what?"

E: "Almost! He jumped at m--"
R: "Bullshit!"

A: "Guys… Guys. Stop it. STOP it…Shut UP!!"

ELLIE and RACHEL stop and look at her, shocked.

A: "Uh, let's stop arguing, and Ellie…tell us what's going on."

E: "Alright…I think…I think that blood disease thing--"

R: "What blood disease?"

A: "Wait…w-what?"

E: " turned them…turned them into…vampires."

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