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Zak Syvll

Down to earth Zak is Ellie Syvll's older brother, if only by a few months. He still tries to take charge and get things done and make sure his sister is safe, no matter what it takes.(Even if it involves cutting her grapes for her.) Fascinated with the human mind and body, Zak studies anatomy and psychology, and likes to take more a scientific, logical stance on things. Vampires? Psh, please...
Portrayed by: Max Wronkowski

Ellie Syvll
Ellie, Zak's beloved sister is the foundation for his over-protective instinct...and the bane of his existence (at times). Ellie is your backyard imaginative, head-in-the-clouds, type of girl. However, she is FAR from the stereotypical dumb blonde. Leave it to Ellie to get Zak out of a bad situation, be it with other students at school, the administration, and blood-thirsty vampires.
Portrayed by: Maggie Sheehan

Eddie Perez
Eddie Perez is Zak Syvll's best friend since childhood. He is currently dating Rachel French, and is the top student of his math, history, and science classes. Even though Eddie is a brilliant one, he can still pack a powerful punch. And a kick.
Portrayed by: Carlos Ocasio


Rachel French
Rachel French is a skeptical little thing. Like her boyfriend, Eddie, she is gifted in science...and the arts. Her beautiful drawings are what brought the little goth freshman out of her shell to become a popular, talented junior. Rachel laughs in the face of the paranormal. Mostly because she doesn't believe...yet.
Portrayed by: Robin Doherty


Alex Baker
Alex is the heartthrob of teenage boys throughout the high school. Alex and Ellie used to be best friends in kindergarten, lost the connection when Alex moved to Connecticut...but that won't stop them from rekindling an old flame when she moves back, accepted into the school. Her personality is that of a damsel's-in-distress, but Alex Baker is anything but.
Portrayed by: Zoë Bergstrom


Sam Cheiglann
Sam Cheiglann is... what can we say? Creepy. Introverted. Intelligent. Nobody knows what possessed him to ask out Alex Baker, and nobody knows why she said yes. But Sam is a nice guy. Well... he was. Sam was nice before he got sick. And nobody knows with what, nobody knows how...nobody knows.
Portrayed by: Patrick Grider

Floating Orbs
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